Jun 21, 2023  Ms. Varsha V S NEWS

World Environment Day is celebrated annually on 5th June and encourages awareness and action for the protection of the environment. World Environment day 2023 observed at KCVL Railway Station in association with the NSS unit of VIDYA Academy of Science & Technology Technical Campus, Trivandrum. The following programmes are organized at KCVL railway station.Smt.AasthaSneha, Sr. DME/TVC administered the Environment day pledge in presence of DEnHM/TVC and CDO/KCVL. Supervisors, staff, and contract staff working at KCVL railway station participated in the programme along with the college students.

  • WED Environment Activity -Garden maintenance at First entry.
  • WED   Theme based   Activity-Plastic removal from parking area Second entry.
  • Environment day Pledge
  • Tree plantation at Railway Colony area
  • Mission LiFE Poster exhibition
  • Tips for avoiding Single Use Plastics.
  • Mission LiFE - Passenger awareness programme.
  • Environment day Rally
  • Poster drawing competition.
  • Green Initiatives at KCVL