May 18, 2022  Ms. Niraja J Shenoy NEWS

“TECHTRONIX”, Tech Fest was conducted by the Department of Electronics And Communication Engineering at VAST TC on 7th May 2022.

Mini project Exhibition

The objective of this event was to give basic idea of mini project to students and motivate them to solve and implement predefined practical problems. The projects included for this exhibition were Automatic Gate Controlling System, LED cube, LIFI technology system, Automatic irrigation system, Automatic home lighting, Blind stick, Object avoiding robot, etc.


The games were Walker Bottle, Ping tac toe, balloon pyramid, flip trap and snake and ladder. The first prize was secured by the Ravisankar, 2nd prize by Ms.Meenu and 3rd prize by Mojith 

Events like Treasure hunt,3D Room,photography contest was also conducted.