Applied Science Department celebrated International Mathematics Day – “Pi Day”
 Mar 26, 2024  Jisha Raj COLLEGE , NEWS

VAST TC successfully organized a one-day workshop on 14th March 2024 in collaboration with International Mathematics Day- “Pi Day” with an overwhelming participation of 210 first year student as participants. The workshop was held in two sessions. In the first session, students of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Departments attended the class. After that, the students of Computer Science and Engineering Department attended the second session of the workshop. The resource person, Mr. Vishnu M, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, KSMDB College, Sasthamcotta, explained the importance to improve understanding among the general public of the impact of mathematics in education, raise awareness of the role of maths in modern society, science, and increase access to information about mathematics and collaborations in public awareness of mathematics and more. The speaker interacted with the students and involved them in the event by explaining the easy methods in Mathematics, concepts such as Golden Ratio and face beauty, Golden Spiral, Brachistochrone problem with explanation, Tautochrone problem, Reflection principle of Ellipse, Hyperbolic Navigating system, Konigsberg Bridge problem etc. The students listened to the speaker with great interest and curiosity and cleared their doubts.

At the end of the workshop, the prizes and certificates were distributed to the winners of the project competition held in the college, as a part of the Tech Fest, by the Principal, Dr. Mathavaraj Ravikumar and Mr. Vishnu M, the guest of the day. In the final session, the Principal handed over a memento to the guest, as a token of love and respect. The Workshop was conducted mainly for the students to know the real time applications of Mathematics, which would be very useful when they go for any project or research, work in their own field and the same came to an end at 4 PM.