Tech Fest- INNOVIZ 2022
 May 19, 2022  Ms. Divya M K NEWS

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department of Vidya Academy of Science and Technology Technical Campus conducted a Technical festival “INNOVIZ 2022” with various technical events on 6th of April 2022. These fests were organized with the objective to provide platform for the students to portrait their talent with a competitive spirit and to help them to build their organisation skills. 

The main attraction of the tech fest was Exhibition in which students ‘were given a chance to exhibit their projects and various electrical components were displayed. It includes various power system components brought from KSEB, solar panel, inverters, batteries, BLDC fans etc. The students also demonstrated the hydro power plant model in the exhibition. 

Robo-Race was another major attraction of the fest in which the participants has to bring their own robotic vehicle and has to complete the race within specified time to qualify. An excellent Robo-Race track was prepared and was very challenging for all the participants.

Project Expo

Individual project presentations were conducted in this event.

The projects include:-

  1. LED Chaser- Tibin Benny (S8 EEE) , Anandu Krishnan, Ramsana (S6 EEE)

  2. Automated Vacuum Cleaner- Krishna, Vaishak, Jithin, Shameer( S4 EEE)

  3. Single phase – Three phase Conversion Kit- Albin, Adithyan  A R (S4 EEE)

  4. Energy Generation from Speed Breaker – Ansal (S6 EEE)

  5. Home Automation (Naveen Krishna, Vaishnav (S6 EEE)

  6. Bluetooth Controlled Car – Abhikrishnan, Anagha (S4 EEE)

  7. Duel Axis Solar Tracker – Anandu S (S4 EEE), Al Jaseera (S6 EEE)

  8. Electric Cycle- Anandu S (S4 EEE), Al Jaseera (S6 EEE)

  9. Drone- Anandu S (S4 EEE), Al Jaseera (S6 EEE)

  10. Women Safety- Midhun T P, Sreekuttan  (S6 EEE)

  11. Hand Movement: Anandu Krishna, Abhinjith (S6 EEE)

  12. Motor Starter- Akshay, Anoop, Ajmal (S6 EEE)


We also had a stall from KSEB, which includes Air Break Switch, Vacuum CB, various types of insulators, fuses, CT, PT, and so on. The charge of the stall was entrusted to Pranavika and Ansal of S6 EEE.


A stall from Smart Home Solar Ayoor demonstrated about solar powered electrical devices such as solar inverter, Solar panel, Solar battery, Solar street light, Solar motion sensor light, Bldc fan, Solar charge controller, Dc cable-10m and Mc4 connector.


It showcased Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, the new futuristic technologies from Escape Gamers Hub. Virtual reality (VR) is an interactive computer-generated experience taking place within a simulated environment. This immersive environment can be similar to the real world or it can be fantastical.More than 250 students and staffs of various departments visited the virtual reality stall. This gave a golden opportunity to the staffs and students to experience a new environment.


In this area Electric Vehicle Expo and Robo games were conducted on the Lobby and basement ground respectively. The Electric Auto- Kerala NEEM G was manufactured by Kerala Automobiles Limited and displayed on the event as part of their promotion. It can run upto 130km in a single charging. The overall coordination was done by Mr. Mithun  T P (S6 EEE)  and the Treasurer was Mr Abhinjith (S6,EEE). Ms. Asna S Asok (Asst.Professor, EEE dept) and Mrs. Liji Ramesan Santhi, (Asst.Professor, EEE dept) were the Techfest coordinators from EEE department.EEE Department is proud to organize such a successful event and would like to convey our gratitude to the principal and management for their timely advice and cooperation for helping us in organizing the Tech Fest. We are also thankful to our respected HOD, steering committee members, all teaching and non-teaching staffs and our dedicated students.