May 18, 2022  Mr. Dheeraj K M NEWS

The CAD Master event, an event that provided students a platform to showcase and test their skill in the field of design. In this event participants were asked to prepare a design/drawing according to the given problem statement by using any preferable CAD software. In the 1st round, participants were asked to prepare a detailed drawing within 1 hour. Isometric Drawing with detailed dimensions was provided to prepare the drawing. The participants were shortlisted according to completion of the drawing, dimensions, detailing, etc. In the 2nd round, the participants were asked to design a 3D model within 1 hour from the given detailed drawing. The participants were finalized based on completion of the rocket model, no features or functions used etc. The winner was decided based on the similarity between the prepared model and the given object.

Faculty Coordinator: Mr. Ajayakumar AG 

Student Coordinator: Vishnulal

Volunteer: Sanil J R

IMG-20220510-WA0006.jpgIMG-20220510-WA0004 (1).jpg


In this event 20 modified vehicles showcased inside the campus ground. Students came to know about these vehicles’s engine and aerodynamic performance before and after customizing the vehicles. All the specifications of each vehicle were available in the expo hall. And the specifications of the stock vehicles were also available.

Faculty coordinator: Mr.Prasanth B Chandran 

Student coordinator: Arjun B

Volunteers: Sreesankar AB, Rahul Raj



This event was conducted to learn the technical knowledge of students.46 students       participated in the technical quiz. Questions were prepared from various engineering fields other than mechanical engineering. The questions were prepared by the faculty coordinator and student’s coordinator.The winners were awarded cash prize after evaluating the final scores of participants.

           Faculty coordinator: Mr. Midhun SS

           Student coordinator: Bhavika M Das

           Volunteer: Sona S



In this event two engines’ parts showcased in the lecture hall SB508. The first engine was from Maruti Suzuki 800, which was a 3-cylinder inline petrol engine. The other engine was a bike engine from Bajaj Pulsar. It was a 150cc single cylinder petrol engine.The students got familiarized with various parts and working of IC engines

              Faculty coordinator : Mr. Robin David

              Student coordinator: Anoop, Abid Muhammed



A 3D film room created in the lecture hall SB515. Videos of   the evolution of mechanical and automobile engineering projected in the screen with 3D visual effects. Videos of previous tech fests also shown in the film room. Students got an idea about the evolution of Mechanical engineering.

Faculty coordinator: Mr.Midhun S

Student coordinator: Karthik, Danish


Fun games were arranged in this event for entertaining the students. The lecture hall SB507 were utilised as game space.

              Faculty coordinator : Mr.Dheeraj KM

              Student coordinator :Anoop, Athul




A lovely saying that reads, "Winning is not important; participation is all that is required." During the day, around 73 Students participated in all events, including both individual and team participation. The winners were announced during the closing ceremony and certificates and cash awards were distributed to everyone. In a nutshell, the tech fest day were filled with delight, learning, experience, skill representation, and, finally, appraisal. This event would not be feasible without the efforts of event organizers and volunteers working under the supervision of the respective faculty members.