Workshop on OBE
 Nov 16, 2022  Ms. Divya M K NEWS

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of VAST TC organized a session titled “Workshop on Outcome Based Education” on 1st November, 2022. The resource person of the event was Dr.K.Sargunan, Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering and Mr.R.Sajith Krishnan, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, VAST TC. The event was coordinated by Ms.Vigitha Vidyadhar, Assistant Professor, Applied Science Department. The session officially began with a welcome address by the principal, Dr. T.Mathavaraj Ravikumar. The session was facilitated by Prof.Vijayakumar, Head of the Department, Department of Civil Engineering. The event was divided into two sessions. Participants engaged actively during both the sessions of the programme followed by a Q&A session. Feedback was collected from every participant.

SESSION 1: 2:30 PM TO 3:15 PM 

  • Introduction- The resource person explained the need and responsibilities of the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) in the Institution. 

  • The resource person gave a highly informative presentation on the concepts of outcome-based education and provided thorough explanations of CO-PO/PSO mapping.

  SESSION 2:  3:15 PM TO 4:00 PM 

  • The resource person provided in-depth explanations about the tools used for CO-PO attainment and also offered a very instructive presentation on how to fill the gap for the shortfall during assessment. 

  • The sessions brought a plethora of details. The participants gained knowledge of the process that entails restructuring the curriculum, assessment, and reporting practices in education to emphasize high order learning and mastery rather than the accumulation of course credits.Throughout the sessions, the participants were really engaged and motivated. Participants in the feedback sessions responded favourably, stating that the content was pertinent and delivered in the appropriate manner. 

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